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Welcome to the Vitaliy's Artistic Online Opekan

(free self-video training online inline)

Video library will be added day by day. Leave the message for me by E-mail, WhatsApp what would you like to wish see and learn. You always can arrange your lessons privately online with me by WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. Just contact me in any convenient way for you below. If you like these videos, helped you with progress in skating, you like this direction of sport, inline figure skating (IFS), you can make donation any amount to support the school and this site.

Online Skating Lessons Inline
(on the floor and on ice)

With Vitaliy Opekan: Three-time winner of the World Cup in figure skating on roller skates WIFSA World Open 2015, 2016, 2017. Champion of Moscow and medalist of the Soviet Union (USSR), winner of the championship of the Armed Forces of the USSR among juniors in figure skating. The first time in the history of Russia representative and participant in the World Championships in figure skating on roller skates (Artistic, inline; Senior) according to FIRS ( World Skate at present) 2015 (Cali, Colombia), 2016 (Novara, Italy). Coach with extensive experience working with skaters in the United States of America and Russia. More than 20 years of experience in coaching pupils in other countries. For over ten years he has performed in world shows and professional competitions. Member of the International Skating Organization PSA (Professional Skating Association).

The art of figure skating inline (for beginners)

The program "The Art of Figure Skating Inline" consists of ten levels that examine the basic (fundamental) elements of figure skating on roller skates: learning how to properly skate back and forth, stops, edges, cross-overs, jumps, 3-turns and mohawks. Having mastered these skills, an athlete can move to a higher level of figure skating on roller skates.

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